Labels for Education

Hello Skyline Ranch Elementary Parents.We have some sad news. In the past few years participation in Labels for Education® has declined and as a result, Campbell has come to the very difficult decision to wind down the LFE program.

The program will continue exactly as is for the remainder of the 2015-2016 LFE program year. There will be changes for next year’s program starting August 1, 2016. As the Coordinator for our school, my goal is to ensure that we maximize our opportunities to earn points before the conclusion of the program. Continue to Clip and Submit UPCs and Beverage/Sauce Caps, as all participating products listed are still accepted through July 31, 2016.

In the upcoming school year, Campbell will continue to support American kids through the Grand Stand for SchoolsSM sweepstakes where last year, Campbell contributed more than $1 million to schools. More information on this program, and on how we can participate, will be coming.

Thank you for all of your help and for being a part of the LFE program. Please reach out with any questions on LFE program changes or timing.


Skyline Ranch PTSO

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Our Approved Strategic Plan

At the February 2016 PTSO meeting, we approved our strategic plan for 2015-2019.

PTSO Strategic Plan

Skyline Ranch K-8

Feb. 2016 — June 2019

MISSION STATEMENT:  Skyline Ranch K-8 PTSO’s purpose is to strengthen, enhance, and encourage the educational and social environment of Skyline Ranch K-8 by providing opportunities for parents, students and teachers to learn, socialize, communicate and grow.

GOAL #1:  Enhance the educational experience for students through academic and enrichment activities in a way that is supportive to teacher and school needs.


  • Improve communications with teachers and staff as to what they need from PTSO parents
  • Provide a wide-variety of PTSO events and activities that are forward-thinking and appeal to the variety of cultures and backgrounds found in the community
  • Fundraise through fun and educational activities in order to continue to grow the PTSO and its programs with a goal of at least $2,000 per year for PTSO activities and rainy day funds


  • Sock Hop for K-5
  • Event for 6-8
  • Spooktacular Festival w/ silent auction
  • Christmas Shopping & craft event
  • Family Reading Night/Book Fair
  • Additional PTSO-sponsored programs that support the objectives
  • PTSO calendar of activities that support school-wide activities each month (i.e. Earth Day, Drug Awareness Week, Anti-Bullying, Grandparents Day, etc.)
  • Additional fundraising opportunities that allow the PTSO it to expand educational and enrichment activities

GOAL #2: Promote closer connections between school and home by fostering parent involvement and volunteerism in a way that creates a culture of appreciation, respect and support for the school and its teachers and staff.


  • Increase parent attendance at PTO meetings over next three years
  • Increase regular parent volunteers for events and activities over next three years
  • Create and maintain stellar communications with parents
  • Provide a variety of opportunities for parent involvement
  • Increase teacher appreciation programs and activities
  • Raise at least $1,000 per calendar year for teacher and staff appreciation activities


  • Volunteer sign up program that is available online and in person for PTSO events and activities as well as specific school projects that need parent volunteers
  • Expanded PTSO’s Teacher Appreciation Week program and additional activities that show support for teachers, administrators and staff at appropriate times
  • Increased visibility of PTSO through booths at school events
  • “Half Day Hat Days” with parent volunteers
  • Increased communications to parents and follow through on Box Tops, Capri Suns and other fundraising programs that parents can participate in from home
  • Create donation forms and donation links for parents wanting to contribute directly in support of PTSO activities
  • Establish policies and procedures for events and activities with clear instructions for parents
  • Create communication strategy that includes email, newsletters, website updates, and social media accounts

GOAL #3:  Support the goals of the district and school administrators to ensure Skyline Ranch K-8 continues to be publicly viewed as a school with an excellent reputation for academics and extracurricular/social opportunities for students.


  • Increase communications with Skyline K-8 administration to ensure the PTSO is best supporting its needs and goals
  • Increase community involvement with and awareness of Skyline K-8
  • Raise at least $2,000 per calendar year to purchase specific needed items for school including items on the “Principal’s Wish List.”


  • Establish and promote monthly “Restaurant Nights” with establishments that give a percentage back to schools
  • Add blog or newsletter articles to PTSO website and email updates that are photo-driven and showcase the enrichment activities and accomplishments of the PTSO, students, teachers, and school
  • Create additional programs that promote school and community pride, especially through the PTSO’s and school’s web presence
  • Create and promote standard school give-back programs including Fry’s, Target, etc.
  • Reach out to local business community to participate in “Ad Paper” monthly
  • Sell items that promote school spirit and scheduled times
  • Brainstorm and establish additional fundraising opportunities that support goals

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Welcome, Skyline Parents! 2016-17 School Year Will Be Great!

Welcome to the Skyline Ranch K-8 Parent, Teacher, and Student Organization (PTSO).

We are excited to have talented and caring parents like you on our team.  For those of you unfamiliar with us, we are a network of parents, teachers, and students who work to strengthen, enhance, and encourage the educational and social environment of the school by providing opportunities for parents, students and teachers to learn, socialize, communicate and grow.  The PTSO works hard to make the school year exciting and enjoyable for students, teachers and parents.

We are looking forward to meeting parents, guardians and grandparents who are interesting in getting involved in the PTSO this year.  Many parents have already signed our 2 Hour Pledge — a commitment to giving just 2 hours of time to volunteering at the school this year.  Will you join us? There are a wide range of opportunities that include daytime, evenings, and weekends.  By working together, we can ensure that our kids and teachers have a fantastic year.

Your feedback is welcome and encouraged.  Contact us anytime at or by leaving a message for us at the school.  All new ideas and opportunities will be explored as we continue to grow and strengthen the organization.

See you soon ~

Stacy Gramazio, Anastasia Aoyagi, and Selena Sachse

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